About MonketyBiz

Welcome to MonketyBiz! (say: "MONK-uh-tee Biz")

Once upon a time, a boy and girl met online, and then they met in person. They fell for each other at a summer concert.  When he went away on a business trip over her birthday, he overnighted an adorable stuffed animal timed to arrive on the special day, and she was smitten. Our travelmonkey was born!  Like "Flat Stanley" but a little more robust, the Monkety Monk has been on road trips throughout California, Oregon, Washington, and Arizona, been from New Orleans to Memphis to Nashville and back again.  He's even scampered across the border to Canada!  He's bounded across oceans to Hawaii and to Italy, gone wine tasting, been to JazzFest, and found his way into untold tasty restaurants and bars in his day.  He likes putting the top down and turning the radio up, and dancing like everyone is watching (which they often are!).  He's enjoyed champagne on airplanes, music on Frenchman Street, entertained countless children (and at least two adults), and Heyo! my mom even made him his own Christmas beanie! Ho ho ho!  He moved with us from CA to WA, where we're now based.

When I got the idea to do wordplay with states on t-shirts, the travelmonkey became the instant inspiration for the Monkety Biz name and the Monkety Monk face. We hope you enjoy him as much as we do! 

Aloha from Monkeypod Kitchen on Maui